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Ferrari will not come with a fully electric model until after 2025
Ferrari has been playing with the idea of putting a fully electric supercar on the market for some time now. However, according to reports from Reuters, we can wait a long time for such an EV from Ferrari. The manufacturer does not want to launch a fully electric supercar on the market until after 2025. However, the Italians have their reasons for this.
Vision completely changed
The arrival of an electric Ferrari seemed imminent in 2018. At that time Sergio Marchionne, then CEO of FCA, spoke about the delivery program of Ferrari. An SUV is planned, but the brand also needs to think a lot greener. The words were big back then. If an electric supercar comes on the market, it has to be Ferrari who comes first with it'. They were clear and hard words. By now we know that the vision at Ferrari has changed. They are certainly no longer the first, because there are now many supercars that only run on batteries. According to Ferrari-CEO Louis Camilleri we can even wait until after 2025 before the manufacturer will launch such a car on the market.
Batteries do not suffice
In an interview with Reuters, the current CEO of Ferrari explains that there are good reasons why the car manufacturer does not yet go along with this. According to him, the battery technology is not yet sufficient to meet Ferrari's high standards. The development of the battery packs will improve significantly in the coming years. The manufacturer would like to wait a while for this. In addition, the charging speed of batteries is still seen as a threshold. The manufacturer would also like to continue working on this in the coming years or take over accelerated charging technology under licence.
However, it is clear that Ferrari is now busy with the electrification of their delivery program. Earlier this year the SF90 Stradale was launched. It is the first plug-in hybrid of the brand. At that point the manufacturer is not the first either. Porsche and McLaren have been ahead of them for quite some time by adding a plug-in variant to their price lists.
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